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Carrot is cone-shaped orange-coloured vegetable. It is grown under the ground and hence, is a root. It is an edible root which belongs to family Apiaceae. Botanical name for the carrot is Daucus carota and commonly known as Gaajar in Hindi. The vegetable is also considered as fruit and is rich source of Vitamin A. Other Nutritional Contents: Vitamins A and C, Minerals, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Sugar, Zero Fat. Available online with the best prices at Bigmamma. Carrot is sweet in taste so, can easily be consumed. Dietary intake of carrot is quite beneficial for eyes function. It keeps the retinal healthy and work efficiently. Moreover, it enhances skin and nails making them shine-and-smooth. It is rich in fiber hence, is favourable for stomach and other digestive organs. Also called Gajar in Hindi.

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Get your daily dose of nutrients with veggies

A healthy diet can prevent a number of illnesses. It’s a simple fact that, unfortunately, not everyone takes to heart. While indulging in the occasional calorie bomb is fine, a balanced diet can keep your system working well. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike should do their best to include a healthy helping of veggies with their meals. These goodies are loaded with essential nutrients the body needs. They’re also great for keeping weight at a healthy level.

Most fresh veggies are low in calories and fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. They also don’t have cholesterol unless additives like sauces are added. Vegetables are also a great source of dietary fibre, keeping your digestive system moving as it should. They can prevent constipation and slow down the rate of sugar absorbed in the bloodstream. They may also lower the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease as well as keeping blood pressure at optimal levels.