Q. What is the registration process and what if i don’t want to register on the website?
A. We have tried and made the process of registration as simple as possible. All you have to do is enter few details like name, email, phone number and a unique password. You can also comfortably login with your Facebook or Gmail account.
If you don’t want to have an account with us, you can still enjoy our services as a guest. Guest login option is available at the checkout page.
Q. What if i find that the products are not upto the mark after delivery?
A. We are a service oriented company and set our quality standards at the top of our priority list. In case you find any product below standard ,you can easily return the product and claim an exchange or refund without any questions being asked.
A. We provide a platform that allows you to simply type your list of items, just like the way most of us do our traditional grocery shopping. It gives you the ease when you know exactly what you want and takes off the headache of browsing through the whole website.
A. We are offering some unique services like milk subscription, bread subscription, egg subscription and a few more coming with time. We also offer time to time exclusive deals on special occasions under the Bigmamma's special tab.
Q. Do you have the same day delivery?
A. Being a service oriented company we are focussing more on quality and freshness of our products. We however have guaranteed next day delivery and with time and technology we wish to serve your requests instantly on demand.
Q. What are delivery slots?
A. Delivery slots are designed in a way so that you can choose your preferred day and time for the delivery. You will see all the available slots on your screen, you can click on any slot and we will deliver your order just at that time and day.

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