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Tea: Refreshing and packed with antioxidants

No matter what the season, served hot or cold, tea is one of those beverages that are always refreshing and tasty. But its benefits are way beyond just refreshment. Over the years, there have been numerous studies that show that drinking tea has many health benefits.

The type of tea you drink can make a difference on how this super-beverage impacts your health. Every non-herbal tea you find today is made from the Camellia sinensis’ leaves. It is the amount of time the leaves are processed that determines whether you have black, green or oolong tea.

Some of the health benefits of tea include:

·         May lower the risk of stroke and heart attack

·         Contains antioxidants – vital for protection against oxidative stress and damage from free radicals.

·         Contains less caffeine than coffee

·         May boost the immune system

·         May help fight cancer

·         May prevent bone loss

With so many benefits to offer, tea is the beverage you stock up on, starting today!