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  • rasna fruitfun-alphonso mango

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  • Glucon-D Orange

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  • Glucon-D Nimbupani

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  • Glucon-D Original

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Hydrate and energise with concentrates

Many glucose and fruit concentrates are available, giving you a better option to many of the sugar-filled juices available in today’s market. These products are affordable and come in various flavors to suit everyone’s taste buds. From orange to mango to lemon, whatever flavor you relish, you will find it. Free of caffeine and chemicals, these concentrates are a great choice when you want to quench your thirst and get instant energy.

Summer is coming and it will soon be important to keep your body temperature low. Glucose concentrates is the perfect way to do this. These drinks are also known for quick absorption, making them ideal beverage when you need to rehydrate your body. Last but not least, they give you an energy boost instantly, making them ideal for days you are having a dull, unproductive day at work or just tired on a hot summer day. Get yourself a glass of refreshing concentrated drink to quickly feel refreshed and energetic!