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  • mothers-recipe-cut-mango-pickle

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  • mothers-recipe-garlic-pickle-pouch

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  • mothers-recipe-mango

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  • Tops Mango Pickle

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  • Tops Mixed Pickle¬†

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  • Lijjat Masala Papad

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  • Lijjat Urad Papad

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Yummy additions to any meal

What are two of the tastiest things you can add to your meal? Pickle and pappad of course! They are the perfect additions to any meal, giving you delicious flavors and crunch. The good news is that you can find a variety of quality products to choose from these days. From spicy to sweet to sour, you will find every type of pickle for your taste buds and the perfect pappad to munch on whether as a snack or with your lunch or dinner.

Pickles these days are made with extreme care, giving you high quality products that taste delicious. You can choose from mango pickles, chilli pickles, lemon pickles, mixed pickles and even garlic and prawn pickles. No matter what you crave, you can bet that there is a pickle for you out there. The same goes for pappads. Pick from plain pappads, spicy pappads, potato pappads, etc.  Make meal and snack time delicious with these products.